We are classic steering wheel restoration experts
specializing in the 1969-73 Ford Mercury Lincoln
rim blow steering wheels.  Many models came
equipped with a rim blow steering wheel throughout
these years, including Mustang, Cougar, Torino,
and even Shelby cars.   

We also specialize in the restoration of the
predecessor to the rim blow, the 1968 Mustang,
Cougar, Torino, and Shelby deluxe
wood grain steering wheel.  These are just as
popular in our shop as the rim blows.

GM, AMC, and Mopar cars also came equipped
with rim blow steering wheels from 1969-1973.
We restore these makes and models as well.

Let us transform your cracked and
damaged steering wheel into a work of

Your car will thank you for it!
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classic steering wheel
sales and restoration
Our wood graining technique is what
we're known for. A rich, deep, and
lustrous wood grain is what will set
apart your rim blow steering wheel from
the rest. While other steering wheel
restorers overlook this aspect of the
restoration, we know its true
importance, and so we've made it our

We offer a Walnut wood grain and a
lighter Teak option on our rim blow
steering wheel restorations.

If your particular steering wheel requires
a custom or special wood grain such as
cherry, mahogany, etc, we can also
provide these custom finishes.    
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*1969 rim blow wheel shown*
Best in Show steering wheel restoration
Specializing in rim blow steering wheels
*1969 mustang rim blow wheel shown*